Call us Cupid: We’re here to make your Valentine’s Day dreams come true

(BlogDH) Valentines
Are you lucky in love and want the world to know? Working up the confidence to tell that special someone how you feel? Do you have a special message for your crush or sweetheart? You’re in luck this Valentine’s Day: The Brown Daily Herald, BlogDailyHerald, and Brown University Compliments are teaming up to shoot you with Cupid’s arrow (i.e. light the fire under your ass so you can get out there and work on your love game).The method to our madness? A webpage where you can submit love notes to the apple of your eye. You can submit your message anonymously or attach your name to ensure some V-day action. We’ll publish your valentines in a special issue of The Herald, on BlogDailyHerald, or on Brown University Compliments. It’s like first grade again, but without the disgusting Necco candy hearts, and we won’t force you to write a note to that awkward kid in your class who doesn’t shower. It’s time to take control of your love life and let that special someone know how you feel. Check out the Facebook event here. <3