Frosh-cessities: 50 things I learned freshman year

Freshman year, where did you go? As reading period continues, I’ve procrastinated taken some time to reflect upon the past few months. Here are a few things I’ve learned as I tearfully bid adieu to my first year at Brown. A special shoutout to my predecessors Slev and Neil Armstrong Jason for writing previous years’ incarnations of this post; some of the items on their lists were just too real to avoid in this year’s version (see asterisks). Good to see the freshman experience remains (mostly) unchanged.

1. The right hand door of Jo’s does not open, despite my persistence both before and after midnight.

2. Wednesday nights are a thing. So are Thursday morning classes. (Mornin’, City Politics).

3. I am not part of the FishCo generation.

4. Rock, not Scili.

6. The housing lottery stresses me out more than anything at Brown, but I guess that’s not saying much.

7. Hillel is arguably the nicest building on campus.

8. Wandering around Keeney on a Friday or Saturday after 1 a.m. is great fun. If you sit in a hallway long enough, you are guaranteed to meet new friends.

9.  It’s a week, not a weekend.

10. Talk to your roommate. He/she has much more friend potential than it seems–and even if you don’t become inseparable, they’ll always be there for you.*

11. The RISD Museum is on Waterman and Benefit. You should go.

12. Make “class friends.”

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