A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Charles M. Blow speaks at Brown

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If you’ve taken advantage of Brown’s free subscription to the New York Times, you’ve probably become familiar with columnist Charles M. Blow. The writer is perhaps best known for his op-ed pieces about politics and various social justice issues, as well as his contributions to and appearances on CNN and MSNBC.

He will take the stage in Salomon this evening to speak in a lecture entitled “A New Civil Rights Movement,” which will also be streamed via simulcast to Salomon 001. The speech will be preceded by an introduction from Tricia Rose, director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America at Brown. Blow’s talk is the latest installment in the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy’s John Hazen White, Sr. Lecture series.

“A New Civil Rights Movement” is an absolute must-see, so grab your tickets here and head over to Salomon this evening! The lecture is at 5:30 p.m. and tickets are free, so you should definitely check it out. If you can’t make it, look out for a recap of the talk here on Blog.

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Shut Out Trafficking comes to Brown this week


The National Consortium for Academics and Sport (NCAS) has joined forces with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s End Trafficking Project to create Shut Out Trafficking, a program that seeks to educate students on ten college campuses across the country about the large prevalence of human trafficking in the United States. This week, Shut Out Trafficking will be hosting events at Brown.

According to Shut Out Trafficking at Brown’s Facebook event page, this project seeks to engage athletes in the issue of human trafficking and use athletics as a vehicle to address this critical concern head-on. The project also hopes to “implement programming designed to involve and support athletes, coaches, athletics administrators, and members of the general student body in raising awareness about and exposing the hidden injustices of human trafficking, both globally and on a domestic level.” The page also says that the goal of the project is to “empower campus communities to speak out honestly and take action against these abuses.”

There will be two events hosted this week. On Monday, November 3rd, there will be a two hour event entitled “Shut Out Trafficking in Society Through Sport” which features Dr. Richard Lapchick, a human rights activist and internationally recognized expert on sports issues, Sarah Willbanks from UNICEF USA, Sarah DeCataldo from Day One, David Cohen and Rebekah Conway Roulier from Doc Wayne, and Larkin Brown from Soccer Without Borders. The panel will take place at 6p.m. in Smitty-B Room 106.

On Thursday, November 6th, the Royce Fellowships at Brown, the Sport and Development Project at Brown, and the UNICEF Club at Brown will be screening “Not My Life,” a independent film by Robert Bilheimer that documents contemporary slavery. The event will be held at 6p.m. in Wilson 102.

Eli Wolff, the co-director of the Royce Fellowship for Sport and Society, an overseer of the Sport and Development Project at Brown, and the primary contact for this event at Brown told Blog, “We are so excited to have Dr. Lapchick on campus and to collaborate with UNICEF USA to engage the campus on this important and emerging topic. The power of sport can serve as a vehicle for education,  awareness and action in the realm of sport and human rights, development and social change.”
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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: G(ISP) Talks


Are you a female athlete? Do you like Bruce “the Boss” Springsteen? Do you bet on horses? Perhaps you just want to be happy! Each of these topics comprise a Group Independent Study Project, or G(ISP), that students created and studied this semester, and now they consider their projects experiences worth sharing.

Over Duck and Bunny cupcakes and Meeting Street cookies (A combination too good to be true?), listen to 7-8 minute, TED-style presentations on studies pertaining to religion, video game design, music, medicine, performance, assimilation, education and epistemology.

If you can’t attend TED2015 in Vancouver for $8,500 ( I know), now is your chance to be inspired by the people you see around you everyday. You might even be inspired to create your own G(ISP)!

The talks begin at 5:30 p.m. and run until 7 p.m. in Metcalf Auditorium TOMORROW, April 29th. See the schedule below to catch the ones you fancy. Frankly, you gotta catch ’em all.

Check the event’s Facebook page here for further information.

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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will be on campus tonight


One of the awesome things about going to school in a small state like Lil’ Rhody is the unbelievable access we have to our politicians. Tonight, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will be on campus to speak about his work in Washington, D.C. and the current state of various pieces of national legislation. According to the Brown Dems’ Facebook event, the Senator will also talk about how young people can get involved in politics. The event is hosted by the Brown Dems and will take place at 8 p.m. in Wilson 101. It’s not every day that a Senator comes to our hill to talk about his work on The Hill, so if you’re around, consider checking it out.

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