Alums Who Do Cool Things: Julie Sygiel ’09 makes ‘that time of the month’ feel sexy

When Julie Sygiel graduated Brown in May of 2009, she graduated not only with a degree in Chemical Engineering, but as the CEO and co-founder of her very own company: Sexy Period.

The story of Sexy Period—a company that designs high-tech lingerie for women to wear without fear of stains during their periods—began right here at Brown University. And whether or not you experience a menstrual cycle (ahem, gentlemen), read on, because the story behind Sexy Period is one of some serious entrepreneurship and innovation. Continue Reading

There is a COW on Wriston!

Holy cow! — Thea Aguiar / BlogDailyHerald

There is literally a cow on Wriston right now. Why, you ask? To promote Rhody Fresh Milk at the Wriston Farmer’s Market. And, of course, for students to pet and gawk at. She’s beautiful and sweet, and surprisingly not freaked out by all the extremely excited college students petting her and snapping pictures.

Dahlia, eight years old, has a lot of admirers. — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

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