Coyotes Roam Columbia Campus (!?!)

The most urban of Ivy League universities has been overrun with coyotes! Well, three coyotes were spotted on the Morningside Heights campus of Columbia University on Sunday morning. An NYPD officer confirmed the sighting.

Barnard’s Director of Public Safety, Dianna Pennetti, sent a campus-wide email requesting students to report further sightings. She wrote, “All members of the community are advised not to approach these animals” although coyotes typically don’t attack humans.

Though it seems surreal that there’s wildlife wandering around an urban jungle, coyotes have been known to adapt to urban environments. Coyotes survive in cities by foraging in garbage and going after rats or squirrels. New York has had its share of coyotes: one made its way to Central Park in 2006.

Until the coyotes are captured, it looks like Columbia students will have to watch out for wild animals in addition to urban crime.

— Goda Thangada