Sans Meal Plan: Embracing Eggs

For those of you students left to fend for yourselves food-wise, the following story may be familiar:  It’s eight o’clock in the evening.  You ate Pop-Tarts for breakfast and grabbed a sandwich for lunch.  You are comfortable in your sweatpants and are much too lazy to leave your apartment again before class tomorrow.  You stare longingly at an unexciting fridge, wishing Mom were around to make food magically appear on your plate.

It seems as though you have only a few options. You could order takeout (again), though the Domino’s delivery guy is starting to ask how your exams are going, so maybe you should cool it with the usual pie and Cinna Stix.  You could also eat that box of Cheez-Its sitting in your cupboard — the temptress. Or, you could embrace the wonder that is the egg and become a breakfast-for-dinner gourmand.  Though I do argue that Cheez-Its make a damn fine meal (breaking news: Parmesan & Garlic’s secret ingredient is actually crack cocaine, the evil geniuses), occasionally it is nice to have a hot, healthy, well-balanced meal in front of you. Even better, after experimenting with eggs and the endless cooking opportunities at your disposal, you will undoubtedly realize that you can make those egg-centric dishes you order at brunch spots just as easily as the guy in the kitchen—and for much less money.

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