Students who do cool things: The puzzlers strike again

Courtesy of the New York Times

Yet another article appeared today in the New York Times about–you guessed it–Brown’s Puzzling Association.  The organization–which had crosswords written by six of its members featured in the Times’ Brown Crossword Week last September–discusses the art of puzzle-constructing and the culture that has been built around writing and solving crosswords.  Check out the full text of the article here.

Critics Review Brown Crossword Week

Batter up!

The crossword blogosphere was abuzz this week about the NYT Brown Crossword week. As Wordplay showed, crosswords are no joke. A poorly worded clue or a strange reference can bring an unwitting puzzle constructor a shower of haterade from the World Wide Web. On the other hand, an elegant, well-designed puzzle can bring eternal glory and bragging rights.

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