Battle over the spicy with makes local news

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College Hill is used to food wars, but when the sacred spicy with is involved, people get particularly agitated. For the last few months, the University has been battling popular food delivery startup Crunchbutton about its delivery of the fiery chicken sandwich. Yesterday, Rhode Island local news channel NBC 10 got in on the hype, and has officially dubbed the case “Brown University vs. Food Delivery Startup.” Continue Reading

Crunchbutton is revamping its spicy with delivery

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Remember Crunchbutton, that awesome new website where you can order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered straight to your dorm? Of course you do, because the site’s gained incredible traction at Brown since it launched last semester.

One of the most appealing aspects of Crunchbutton’s concept is that it took the ever-popular spicy with, a Brunonian delicacy which had previously been anchored in Jo’s, and made it mobile.

Here’s the big news: Crunchbutton is no longer sourcing the sandwiches from Jo’s, but is sourcing them from Mirano Grill. Like all of Mirano Grill’s food offerings, these new and improved spicy withs are fresh and delicious; additionally Mirano Grill is known for speedily delivering all of its food, so won’t need to wait long for your spicy with. Grilled, cheese-d, delivered…it’s yours.

In fact, Crunchbutton wants to prove just how delicious these new spicy withs are: it’s giving out free spicy withs in front of the SciLi at 12 p.m. You won’t be disappointed; if you find yourself craving another spicy with, you can order another (…or seventeen more) on Crunchbutton’s website. We can assure you that it will get to your door faster than you can say “jkdhfkjashdfasdfdksjhafsdfkjahsdf.”

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With Crunchbutton, Spicy With delivery is now a reality

Yes, you heard correctly! No longer do you have to brave the wintry mix (but seriously, is it raining or snowing?!) for some late-night comfort food! Ladies and gentlemen, Crunchbutton has arrived.

Crunchbutton, a food delivery website started at Yale, lets you order food from Providence restaurants in one click. Craving sushi in your dorm? No problem! With Crunchbutton, this sushi-craving dream is real. Sick and waiting in the long, weekend BGO line with your other fellow hungover Brunonians? Also not a problem! Order a bagel and schmear on Crunchbutton, skip the line and do it all on your credit card.

Rumor has it that Crunchbutton is planning to unveil itself on campus with a bang, so keep your eyes peeled. Perhaps a naked _(insert food here)_ run is in order?