Brown culture shock: That time I visited another school

Paging Captain Obvious: we live in a bubble. What bubble that is depends on the person you speak with, but I want to talk about the Brown Culture Bubble, a place where we are PC 24/7, overly sensitive, and gender is a spectrum, not a binary. To us, that type of language doesn’t faze us. Binaries, hegemonies, SPG—those are all just words we throw around over chicken fingers at the V-Dub.

This past weekend, I traveled to our nation’s capital to visit a friend at her college. I was too excited by the idea of being a tourist, visiting free museums, and looking for clues with Nicolas Cage to think about what it would be like to visit another school—one that is nothing like Brown—and what a culture shock that would be.

First thing I realized: not everyone is liberal. It’s no secret that most students lean to the left at Brown. So I probably overstepped my boundaries a bit when the first presidential debate was brought up, saying, “Ugh, Romney spoke well, I guess… that bastard,” just a couple of minutes after introducing myself to my friend’s friends. They ignored my comment. The silence was uncomfortable. I did some damage control, explaining how I’ve become a “raging liberal” since I’ve moved to Providence, and we all shared a laugh. Supplementary lesson: kill ‘em with laughs! Awkward jokes are the best!  Continue Reading