Cup of (Pro) Jo: April 20, 2011

The City Council presented a report today revealing that former Providence Mayor Cicilline did not “deal ‘honestly’ with the city’s financial challenges.” Gary Sasse, City Council financial adviser, worked alongside internal auditor Mathew Clarkin to find that the mayor did not appropriately confront economic issues during his term. Cicilline faced the national recession and a 19 percent decrease in state aid, but Sasse and Clarkin reported in a briefing on Tuesday that the administration failed to submit a corrective action plan “when the city was clearly experiencing fiscal stress.” Sasse and Clarkin also said the mayor did not implement “four of the nine budget directions outlined in Providence’s Home Rule Charter.” The report, presented at City Hall today, recommends that the city appoint a non-governmental audit committee to keep an eye on charter deadlines and make an accounting procedures manual. Continue Reading