Providence’s Best (and Worst) Date Spots


Maybe it’s the inspiring autumnal backdrop, the joy that stems from crunchy leaves under our feet, or the fact that it’s the perfect weather for sharing your coat with a new special someone. Whatever the reason may be, the dating season is upon us.

With the help of my fellow Bloggers, I’ve compiled a list of ideal – and unacceptable – date spots, based on factors such as ambience, price, and the probability of something awkward happening. Now go out there and face the horror embrace the beauty that is a first date!


Located on Hope Street, Sawadee is one of your best options for date night. This Thai joint is a Brown student favorite and is a good balance of on- and off-campus eating (i.e. still near campus, but far enough away as to not make you look lazy). It’s also BYOB! The yummy food and cozy (read: small) atmosphere make for good conversation, and will leave your date with the impression that you have an adventurous palate. On a similar note, make sure that the person you’re taking out likes Thai.

Price: $
Atmosphere: 8/10
Avoid: Sitting at one of the shoulder-to-shoulder two tops. One time, my date and I accidentally ate dinner with a former roommate and her entire family. The booths are cozier and more secluded.

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Psych, Jokes, & Rock ‘n’ Roll: What’s a date?

George Carlin said a comedian’s job is to remind you of things you were too busy to laugh at the first time. In our daily college routines, we do things that we take for granted—stuff we hate, stuff we love, stuff that makes us downright uncomfortable. This column observes these minutia, combining observational comedy with the psychology of the people, objects, and interactions we all share.

Was that a date? At one point or another, you’ve asked yourself that question. Some nights you want to answer yes, others no. Thanks to our society’s abstract language, chances are a few of your evenings out have fallen into that weird iffy zone. When it comes to dating and relationships, we cower behind euphemisms and flat-out goofy language.

Have you been on a date?
Let’s see—I’ve gone out three times, I’ve grabbed lunch four times, twice I’ve done coffee. I guess that’s zero dates.
But weren’t you just seeing someone?
Well, I was seeing Gertrude, but then my glaucoma kicked in.

Being on a date is like belonging to a Fight Club: You don’t talk about the date (plus the boy thinks he is Brad Pitt.) So you don’t say date, you say, “Would you like to get coffee?” since there’s no better first impression than having coffee breath and jitters. You say, “I was wondering if you’d like to grab lunch or something.” If there is any WONDER involved and an OR SOMETHING, the person is interested. Also, GRAB plays the meal off as insignificant and quick—two words that hopefully don’t describe you. Continue Reading