Furby does Binder

His head is his body. He doesn’t really have shoulders. Knees? Only correctly proportioned and constructed mammals have those. And his toes are more like large pieces of felt. Despite these difficulties, Furby had an absolutely fantastic time at Binder after being rejected from BOTH Spring Weekend Concerts for trying to hide one of those little bottles of booze in his battery pack. More photos from Spring Week’s last hurrah after the jump. Continue Reading

A Thousand Words: Spring Weekend Sunday

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Stop. It’s Binder time.

As the noise and bright lights of Friday and Saturday’s concerts wear down and the weekend-sized hangovers set in, everyone could use a little child-like fun. It’s time to regress a little bit and sing along to “Head Shoulders Knee and Toes” with Spring Weekend Sunday sensation, Dave Binder. According to a very scientific poll (see: the right-hand side of the blog), he’s the part of Spring Weekend Brownies are most excited for. Believe us when we say Dave Binder is here to save the day.