Keep Calm and Bergeron: A parting interview with the Dean of the College


If you know anything about BlogDH, you probably know that we’re obsessed with the Dean of the College, Katherine Bergeron. In semesters past, we’ve: created and played BergeMash (verisons 1.0 and 2.0), our proprietary game that we lovingly named after Dean B; deconstructed her Facebook page; photoshopped her into some of the most bizarre situations; and created those “Keep Calm and Bergeron” stickers you’ve been seeing on laptops and water bottles all over campus.

And yet with all of this obsessing over KBerge, you would think that we had met her before. The truth is that we hadn’t. As KBerge’s biggest fans, while we know that her new appointment as president of Connecticut College is incredibly well-deserved, we were saddened to hear the news that she was leaving College Hill in January. So we decided to reach out to see if she’d be interested in sitting down with us to do a parting interview, as we typically do with graduating seniors for our Last Call column. We were absolutely thrilled when she invited us to her office to chat, and we’re even more excited to present this Last Call of epic proportions. Read our full interview with the Brunonian legend after the jump.  Continue Reading

KBerge leaving for Conn College, student body distraught

So many feels.

1:17 p.m. EDT: a moment we shall never forget. It was then that President Paxson announced to the Brown community that Dean of the College Katherine Bergeron — no, not that Bergeron [Ed.-…and definitely not this Dean Bergeron] — would be leaving College Hill at the end of the year to assume the presidency of Connecticut College in New London. For those who live somewhere on the Northeast Corridor, that’s the city the Amtrak always rolls through painfully slowly somewhere between Providence and New Haven. Also, the college’s mascot is a camel, so it’s pretty cool in our book. If New London needs a hero, Dean Bergeron’s cape will be more than up to the job.

We here at BlogDailyHerald are going through a bit of an existential crisis. Not only are we losing a loyal reader, but we are also losing perhaps our favorite Photoshop subject. That being said, we are happy Dean Bergeron is moving on to an exciting new position (we’re going to have to learn how to share). Since we couldn’t find exactly the words necessary to create a tribute to her, we’re turning instead to Marshall Katheder ’12, who may have summed her up best:

Recognized by her gallant strides and velour frocks, the Berge is a knotty myth, cryptic Bruno-lore. [Steeped] in mystery, she is a bizarrely intoxicating brew that even Alice (of Wonderland) would have trepidation about sipping. The Dean of the College’s orchestral intonation has riled armies and wooed beasts. Her persona has inspired a cultish, devoted following. And her haircut has inspired dozens of synth-pop songs.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Bergemash won’t be the same without you. Check after the jump for a sample of our favorite KBerge Photoshop masterpieces and video assets that pay tribute to the Great.

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Berg Goes Viral

We know this clip has been up for a while, but viewing this BTV/UCS coproduction, like using the S/NC option, is an opportunity every Brown student should embrace. Though the video borrows a title from FDR’s precedent-setting radio series, it provides little insight into the big administrative policies here at the University. Instead, students Mitra Anoushiravani ’11 and Kyra Mungia ’13 pry at the personal life of Dean Katherine Bergeron. Watch as the Berg tells a story from her “esoteric” favorite course (Mobile Counterpoint), deftly avoids questions about her high school dating experiences and explains her decision to become the Dean of the College. Eye opening? Not quite. But now you can hear Dean Bergeron’s always eloquent voice on demand!