Get it together, freshmen

Every class knocked down exit signs. But did they destroy $8,000 worth of exit signs in one night?! In an email that went out to the Brown community, ResLife informed students of a “COMMUNITY ISSUE IN KEENEY QUAD.” All caps? They are not happy.

You can buy a used car for $8,000 dollars. You can probably give hundreds of sick children vaccinations with $8,000 dollars. THINK OF ALL THE NEW RENOVATIONS WE COULD HAVE WITH $8,000!

This is why we don’t give freshmen bright and shiny new dorms. Freshmen: think before you act. You’re going to have to pay the price (…literally).

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. Don’t break an exit sign.

Sláinte Mhath! The leprechaun and pot of gold have adorned our masthead, which means it must be St. Natty’s Fratty’s Spatty’s Paddy’s Day!  And this isn’t just any old Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s a Saturday. It’s pretty nice out. Spring break is around the corner. Odds are that some people reading this post are going to drink, and one (or more) of them is going to take his/her anger out on an exit sign.

This, of course, would not be an isolated incident . You’ve all at least witnessed (or have taken part in) the notorious freshman pastime of celebrating newfound freedom by obliterating a public safety device. No matter where you go (at least in Keeney), you probably will find an exit sign in some state of disrepair. Dean Richard Bova, head of ResLife, says “we probably lose 75 or more” exit signs per year, “the bulk of them in Keeney.” Even if there’s no good way to know for certain what the motive was for each incident, let’s just say most well-adjusted human beings don’t run down the hall of Bronson 2nd floor clobbering every single exit sign with a broomstick on a Tuesday morning after drinking 14 cans of Fanta Grape. Continue Reading