SPONSORED: Dear Kate, holding your underthings to a higher standard

My friend Rick didn’t know what a period was until he got to college. He had the general concept down pat, but for some reason his logistics were a bit skewed. He thought your period was like the rest of your bodily functions. You poop, you pee, you period. Like in a toilet. Like you sit on a toilet a few times a day, you bleed for a few minutes, and then you go about your life as usual. A tampon was there, he thought, if you couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time for the inevitable. Shock and awe didn’t even begin to cover my reaction when I heard that. I mean, he has an older sister!

Though Rick is wrong on most accounts, he was right about one thing: we girls do occasionally have accidents. If you’ve ever seen the movie Superbad, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In this iconic scene, poor poor Jonah Hill is the cause of a massive fight when he dances with another man’s fiancée and subsequently gets her period blood on his pants. Cue Home Alone scream here.

And while I don’t personally know anyone to have ever perioded on someone (that would be something awful), every girl has had their fair share of mishaps. And there is nothing worse. Whether your time of the month snuck up on you or you have a heavy flow and a wide set vagina, there is no worse feeling than walking around knowing that your underwear is ruined. Or worse yet, that it has gotten so far that you’re forced to pull a ’90s sweatshirt around the waist move. Sure, the line in No Strings Attached “It’s like a crime scene in my pants” is not 100% accurate 100% of the time, but it was still the funniest line in the entire movie, in my opinion, because it’s real. It’s a real problem. Think of the number of pairs of underwear you’ve had to completely scrap because no matter what Tide or Clorox or whatever stain remover you use says, there is a limit to their effectiveness, and you have reached it.

Well, ladies, those days are finally over! Introducing Dear Kate, a revolutionary new underwear line founded by Julie Sygiel, Class of ’09.

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