WTF is was happening on the Main Green? Students hold lie-down protest on Main Green

Students from the Student Labor Alliance and other groups have organized a lie-down protest against the University’s association with the Fair Labor Association (FLA). They claim the FLA has a conflict of interest that severely impairs their ability to rate businesses’ fair treatment of their workers, calling upon the University to instead “stand as a responsible leader in the Ivy League and recognize the conflicts of interest that keep the FLA from effectively monitoring sweatshop abuse.” Calls of “What do we want?” A living wage!” are echoed across the Main Green as the line extended all the way from Waterman Street past Sayles Hall. They’ve done their best to leave a path for people to walk on, so don’t step on them.

Editor’s Note: They have dispersed. The closest thing to protesters is a large population of students lying down in bikinis.