WTF is happening by the Main Green? Students decorating statues for Divest Coal


Wondering why every sort of statue in the general vicinity of the Main Green from Bruno the Bear to the creepy, hand-holding statues (a.k.a. “Circle Dance”) on the Waterman Street lawn were covered in party hats and cardboard signs today?

This random act was the latest public demonstration by Brown Divest Coal. To celebrate the fact that the university’s advisory committee has formally recommended that Brown divest from the U.S.’s 15 largest coal companies, members of BDC decorated statues across campus with slogans encouraging members of the corporation to vote yes to divestment at the corporation’s next meeting in May.

BDC may very well have reason to celebrate: to date, the corporation has always taken the advisory committee’s recommendations on divestment. If the corporation follows suit on this issue, whatever guerrilla artistic insanity Brown Divest Coal does to celebrate will probably be worth seeing.