Puppy playtime, all the time

You might not be an animal person, but there comes a point in the semester when the work actually gets hard and the novelty is gone and you just need unconditional love. Since Heavy Petting can only happen so often, and you have to divide the puppy love among hundreds of students, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Instead of FaceTime-ing your cat (which is apparently a thing?), take a look around campus–there are a number of places right outside your dorm where you can get some prime animal action.


This could be you!!

Main Green. For reasons I will never understand due to the high probability of being flocked by students, a number of people walk their dogs across the Main Green daily. This can happen at any time of day, but the chunk of time between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. typically sees the highest concentration of dogs.

Pro: It’s the easiest place on campus to set up shop and even the laziest of students are bound to see a dog at some point.

Con: You’ll probably have to share your dog time with the hoards of other students dying for affection as well. Continue Reading

Professors and their Pets: Massimo Riva

Meet Pip, the snuggliest looking piano player we’ve ever seen! Massimo Riva, a professor in the Italian Studies department, gives us all the details on his furry friend. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Pip comes to campus in the very near future (hopefully with his stuffed Rat).

Name: Pip

Age: One year old. Not much more than a puppy.

Do you have a story behind your pet’s name? My daughter named her Pippi Longstocking, because she has red curly ears. Continue Reading

Professors and their Pets: Shiva Balaghi


This segment of Professors and their Pets features Shiva Balaghi, a Visiting Professor of Iranian Studies, History of Art and Architecture, and History (sidenote: she is our best friend on Twitter).  Meet Shiva’s dog, Binker. You can call this proclaimed “celebri-dog in the Providence dog world” Binky.

Type of pet: Dog

Name: Binker or Binky

Do you have a story behind your pet’s name? My husband, Mike Kennedy, and I adopted Binker through Petfinder when we were living in Ann Arbor five years ago. She and her siblings had been dumped at a Cleveland, Ohio kill shelter. We got her from a foster parent when she was 4 months old. By then, she was already clearly Binker: the name suits her perfectly!

Tell us a little about Binky: Binky’s motto in life is “play hard, nap often.” She greets us every morning by jumping around and wagging her tail. When we have stressful days at work, Mike and I remind each other: “Just wag your tail like Binky, and it’ll be ok.”

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