WTF is happening on the Main Green? The Clothesline Project

The Clothesline Project comes to Brown

If you’ve walked by the Main Green today, you probably noticed a couple clotheslines airing out what looks to be some dirty laundry. If you take a closer look, you’ll see different stories about Brown students and their domestic abuse experiences sprawled on the various colored shirts. This is real dirty laundry being hung up to dry in front of the eyes of the public. This set up is part of the Clothesline Project, a project started in 1990 not too far from here in Massachusetts. Its main goal is to raise awareness and break the silence surrounding domestic violence against women.

The Project began with 31 shirts in one location and has expanded to over 500 national and international events that together will display over 50,000 shirts. The this organization has helped raise awareness about abuse through its work and uses college campuses to reach young adults that have experienced abuse but may feel uncomfortable talking about it. Stop by and look at some of the tragic, yet inspiring experiences our peers have had. They’ve bravely showed the world what they have gone through. Make it count and learn from their experiences. This is an opportunity to create a more open environment to discuss these sensitive issues in the hopes of hindering the use of violence against women.