I KNEAD Doughnuts

KNEAD Doughnuts is an artistry doughnut shop located in downtown Providence. They specialize in beautifully simplistic donuts in flavors like Old-Fashioned, Cake, Brioche, Filled, and Frittered.

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Deluise Bakery

This is part of a “Mini-Donut” series, brought to you by Brown Donut Club (pending approval).

Even after dressing up as a donut three times over Halloween weekend, I still wasn’t sick of them. In fact, I was due to eat one because it had been over a week since I’ve had a delectable donut, so I visited Providence’s DeLuise Bakery.

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Donut get a food tattoo

Posted on the “Brown University Class of 2018” page. No one reached out to me.

Last year, my dad and I got our first tattoos together — a matching sun. Less than a year later, my dad turned that into a sleeve and I ended up with two more tattoos. We decided it was time for another father-daughter tat. This time, we got matching donut tattoos!

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It’s here.


Free food digest: DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS

Remember that commerical about how it’s “time to make the donuts?”

Well friends, today is the time to EAT the donuts.

For actual historical reasons, today is National Donut Day. And even though you’ve all dispersed away from Lil’ Rhody, this is a Free Food Digest event everyone can take part in.

Gawker compiled a listing of where you can get your munch on, no matter your location in the USA. Here’s hoping you’re somewhere with better proximity than College Hill.

Would you like that with frosting?

Anyone who walked into the Sciences Library at about midnight last night might have been confused. An inordinate number of people crowded the space, blocking the stairwell entirely.

What is the madness, you ask?

Nearly 45 minutes later, all questions were answered as at least 20 students — entirely in the nude — came marauding down the stairs, handing out donuts to the cheering hoards.

Careful where you get that powdered sugar kids. And watch out for paper cuts.

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