Awkward at Brown


You thought your middle school days of awkwardness were over, and then you came to Brown. Sure, things aren’t as bad. Your unshakable obsession with My Chemical Romance is a thing of the past and “rawr<3” no longer means, “I love you” in dinosaur. Still, things tend to get cringe-worthy very quickly here. The ascent into adulthood is a turbulent one, my friends, and college seems to only play on our innate clumsiness. Below are just a few things that we all dread.

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BlogDH Exclusive: Interview with ‘The Blue Room Door-Breaker’


As BlogDH has noted in the past, doors are not Brown’s strong suit. But their infamy rose by 100000% last night, when a frustrated and hungry student, Anthony Kanellopoulos ’16, accidentally shattered one of the Blue Room’s glass doors. A gracious and good-humored Kanellopoulos agreed to sit down with Blog—in the Blue Room itself—to tell us his story.

BlogDailyHerald: Alright, so, we’ll start with this–you are in fact the person who broke the Blue Room door?
Kanellopoulos: Just one door.

BlogDH: Okay, just one door.
K: Um, how about you don’t shout?

BlogDH: [Laughs] Alright. So give us a play-by-play.
K: I was about to leave the Blue Room. I was inside, and it was closing. I was about to step out. And the girl at the counter says to use the other door. So I’m like, “OK, I’ll use the other door.” The glass doors are almost closed, so I’m like, “I might as well shut these and go through the other side.” So I grab it to close it, and the moment I just pull it a little bit [mimes an explosion] that happens.

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FlogDailyHerald: Why are there so many door issues?

I’ve been here a full semester, and I still cannot gracefully enter or exit a building at this university. This could be a #freshmanproblem (#unncessaryhashtags) but I really don’t think it is. And I really don’t think it’s me. There are serious door problems at this school.

At least twice a day I encounter a door that seems to be “just for show” at this university. And it’s always at legitimately the most inconvenient time to be unable to enter a building.

First of all, the SciLi. This building has probably the most confusing door rules that a building could have. I don’t understand why the revolving doors are the ones you’re supposed to go for, because its obviously natural to want to use the push-y ones, which are just are quicker and simpler. But no, I see people every day go up to push, and then become confused and have to switch to the revolving door. I’ve also seen people get up and push these doors open for fellow Brown students. While that’s lovely, and shows how great we all are, it’s probably the most unnecessary good samaritan act ever. We could just have functioning doors. Continue Reading