Last Call: Doreen St. Felix

As the semester progresses at the speed of light, the senior class is beginning to make peace with that fateful day in May: Commencement. Until the class of 2014 leaves us, BlogDH wants to highlight all the interesting things they’ve been up to. To this end, we’re (re)starting the series Last Call, which features seniors reflecting on their experiences at Brown. Each featured senior will tag another senior for the next installment. Find this year’s other “Last Call” chain here.

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Then + Now

People might know me as… The Girl With a Hoop Earring. My cumin addiction is big talk around town, too. Also, I spend a lot of time editing The College Hill Independentwhich was recently shortlisted for a Pulitzer. So that’s that. But if you want the real me, the serious, the unadulterated, the “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” thing, check @dstfelix.

In my time at Brown, I am most proud of… Black Girls. That’s the title of my nonfiction thesis. It’s a collection of essays—about my mother, Lauryn Hill, Michelle Obama… there’s even a little thing about Lil Kim in there too. Why did people stop listening to her? And I’m most proud of black girls. The beautiful women walking around this campus, they make me proud to be a part of that sisterhood.

On a Friday night, you might find yourself… face down, ass up, in the downward dog position. I think it’s super important that one center oneself before engaging in any shishinou. That’s French. I also just made that word up. So after aligning my chakras, I love to just roll down to the west side on my bike, Isis, and find a dance party. 

The best class/professor at Brown is… the class you make outside of the classroom with your intelligent, wondering, and off-beat friends.  Continue Reading