10 things I learned from ‘How To Make Money Selling Drugs’


Last night in List, Ivy Film Festival screened the 2012 documentary, How To Make Money Selling Drugs. The movie was incredibly powerful and informative and I could go on for hours about all the things I learned at the screening and subsequent panel discussion. But in the interest of time, here are 10 things I learned from How To Make Money Selling Drugs:

10. How to make money selling drugs. The title of this film is not misleading and the documentary is, in fact, formatted as an informative film filled with interviews from industry professionals on how to get involved and make profit in the drug trade. The movie is set up as though the drug trade were a video game and takes its audience from Level 1: Pawn, all the way through the final level: Cartel Leader, offering bonus tips and points along the way.

9. 9 out of 10 bills in the U.S. are tainted with cocaine. And I don’t mean are metaphorically tainted with blood money from the drug trade. I mean they have physically been used to inject cocaine and still contain trace amounts of the drug. Continue Reading