Japan earthquake relief: how you can help

By now, footage is ubiquitous of the 8.9 Sendai earthquake and the catastrophic tsunami that followed on Japan’s Pacific coast last week. The damage is surreal: huge boats are turned sideways; cars are piled on top of each other; houses are swept right off their foundations into piles of wood scraps. 6,000 have been confirmed dead or missing, and that number is expected to rise drastically in the coming weeks. Thousands of others are without shelter, food and electricity, and rising radiation levels are pointing to a nuclear crisis.

One of the many things to love about our dear old school is that it’s home to a community of activists, but with an event of this massive scale, it can get daunting figuring out how to lend a helping hand. We’ve roped together a few worthy causes; look into ’em all, pick a cause, and help away. Any little bit of help will count, but what’s most important is that we keep spreading the word.  Continue Reading