Blog Odds: Tedeschi’s Replacement

Despite its friendly employees and dedicated loiterers, Tedeschi has joined the ranks of pizza cones and likely mafia fronts as Thayer Street’s latest casualty. But with each heavily-advertised end comes a beginning, leaving Brown students guessing what will fill the vacancy. The word on campus is that it’s being replaced by a parking lot. Even if the rumor mill’s sources are reputable, there’s still fun in playing the odds. Here are some of Blog’s bets on Thayer Street’s newest addition.

East Side Mini Mart Olé- 3:1

Smoke shop froyo hookah lounge- 1:1     Add burritos and coffee and the rest of Thayer is out of business.

Spectrum India outlet- 20:1  

Starbucks- 2:1     They want to tap into the east sidewalk market, and they’ve got the resources to do it.

Cone in a Pizza- 7:1     The inspired entrepreneurs behind pizza in a cone return to Thayer with their latest product.

Officially-designated bike gang loitering station- 10:1

Louisa’s 5:1     Open from 2pm-5am.

An actual grocery store- 1,000:1