It’s Rhode Island Day at Eastside Marketplace

Having trouble focusing and buckling down on this Saturday morning? Take a trip down to Eastside Marketplace for its annual Rhode Island Day. Your favorite neighborhood supermarket has brought in around 10 local Rhode Island vendors—including Eva Ruth’s Gluten Free Bakery, Del’s Lemonade, Venda Ravioli, and Poblano Farm—that will be sampling their yummy foodstuffs all day. It’s going on until 4 p.m., so go czech it out.

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Shit We Love: College Night at Eastside Marketplace

Now that the jitters are starting to wane for those newly liberated nutritionally independent folk, it’s time to enjoy the little pleasures of not being on meal plan. Fresh produce! Grocery trips! No more deciphering what the “special” is at the Ratty! It’s a simple but satisfactory lifestyle.

It can be annoying to schedule grocery trips, but sometimes it’s worth penciling them in… Especially when it’s College Night at Eastside Marketplace on Wednesday! Normally there’s a 5% discount for students at ESM on Wednesdays, but College Night is particularly special. From 6 to 8 p.m., you can wander the wondrous aisles and receive samples and coupons, just for being a fresh-faced student trying to figure out your grocery list. And the first 95 students get a swag bag!

This event combines food, free stuff, and procrastination– three of our favorite things! So clear your Google Cal and figure out how to get to Pitman Street, ’cause this is the perfect cure for your hump day blues.

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