2014 Rhode Island election results

As Election Day comes to a close, the state’s democrats have some celebrating to do. The party’s candidates saw victories in all major state and federal positions, including the much-publicized race for mayor of Providence. Here are some of the results.

Mayor of Providence 

Jorge Elorza (D)


Elorza, the 37-year-old judge and law professor, beat out two time mayor and ex-con, Buddy Cianci, winning 53% of the vote.

Governor of Rhode Island

Gina Raimondo (D)


Raimondo, who beat out Cranston mayor Allen Fung (R) by three points, has been State General Treasurer since 2010. She is also a well-respected venture capitalist and lawyer. As the mother of two, her campaign emphasizes that her platforms aim to put families first. She also plans to create jobs by funding tourism, infrastructure, manufacturing, student internships and small business startups. Raimondo holds degrees from Harvard (B.A.), Yale (J.D.) and Oxford (NBD).

House of Representatives 

RI District 1: David Cicilline (D)

RI District 2: Jim Langevin (D)

Both incumbent House representatives took the win, beating their opponents by around 20% each.


With 70% of the vote Democratic incumbent, Jack Reed will continue to represent the people of RI in the U.S. Senate.

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A PSA about the UCS Elections

Voting for our next UCS president has begun, and you should go and do it. Look, we get if it’s your first time, but seriously, it’s just a simple survey link this year, and it’s not that difficult. Depressing fact: only 28 percent of the student body voted last year, and that was somehow an improvement over last year’s turnout. Voting is American like the Fourth of July and baseball, so please stop reading and just vote. We will be waiting for you when you get back.

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Election Day is here, now go do something about it.

Hey, you. Yeah, I’m talking to you, American citizen. Guess what today is? It’s the day you celebrate your ‘merican-ness and vote!  Whether you’re blue, red, or undecided, it’ll be an important day: we get to pick the dude that runs the country, which is kind of a big deal. For many of us, it’ll be our first time voting. And there’s a lot at stake this time around, and we’ve all been far too entertained by these campaigns to skip the polls altogether. So, what exactly should you do on the Big Day?

  1. Vote. Duh. Polls will open in Salomon at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. If you forgot haven’t registered to vote, you can do so right on the spot tomorrow by going to the Dunkin’ Donuts Civic Center. Democracy! Do it, even if it’s just for the sticker. Continue Reading

Brown alum helps lead Chafee to victory

Political and media consultant, Tad Devine (Class of ’78) aided independent Linc Chafee to victory this past Tuesday in the Governor race of Rhode Island. Devine, a Providence native, ran Chafee’s campaign, making memorable local televisions ads. He has also had significant roles in the presidential campaigns of Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, and John Kerry, as well as the campaigns of various Senate and House members. It’s comforting to know that at least one Brown grad is somewhat involved in Rhode Island politics.

Lost faith in Rhode Island (excuse me) Rhode Island and Providence Plantations? Maybe this video will cheer you up. Even though it was not made by Devine, it is still amazing.

Elections Today!


Statewide primary elections are being held today! Registered students can vote from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Salomon. Make sure to read up on the candidates and get to the polls!

Lee ’12 wins UFB vice-chair position in runoff

Jason Lee ’12 won 58.2 percent of the vote to become vice-chair of the Undergraduate Finance Board over Tyler Rosenbaum ’11. Only 455 votes were cast.