Devastation, Outrage, and Pain: Reactions to Episode VII

It was around 1 p.m. on Tuesday when the news sunk in. I had just peacefully awoken to a room awash with cool sunlight. Class was cancelled, the libraries were closed, and the cafeterias were open; it was undoubtedly a simpler time. Without a trace of the urgency that characterizes a typical day at Brown, I eventually drifted over to my computer to see what had transpired during my indulgent sleep. What I found was truly shocking. My newsfeed was alight with stunned reports and fervent commentary.  Many had foreseen a simplified version of what had transpired, but no one could have predicted the extent of the consequences.  Some of the more impassioned outbursts:

Portions of the East Coast remained effectively underwater, but these outspoken friends were aghast at another piece of news: The announcement of Star Wars Episode VII. Continue Reading