Sixth Man: Equestrian


Bears ride horses, who knew?

Last weekend, I went to the Brown Equestrian (BEQ) team’s home show. After three wrong turns and an excursion through Massachusetts (I don’t understand New England), we made it to Windswept Farm, BEQ’s barn in Warren, RI. My first thought upon seeing the horses was that these 1500 pound beasts are nothing like my understanding of horse-creatures from Robot Unicorn Attack. They all were twice as tall as me, had big pieces of metal in their mouths, and looked like they wanted to bite my head off. But then my friend on the team introduced me to a horse named Momma, who seemed really sweet and calm and almost transformed me into a horse person, until I learned she was narcoleptic and was actually just falling asleep. This doesn’t seem safe when she’s about to be carrying someone on her back at 20 mph… I took some selfies with the sleepy horse and then went to watch the show. Continue Reading