What to do this week: September 9- September 13


Welcome to/back to campus! Here are the events you’ll want to factor into your shopping schedule.

Wednesday, September 9

Event: Effective Interviewing
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Location: CareerLAB

Learn how to prepare for any upcoming job or internship interviews. This workshop will cover the basics of making a good first impression and how to answer tough questions from employers. (Seniors, take notes.)

Event: Screening of M. Night Shyamalan’s, “The Visit”
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Granoff Auditorium

Brown Motion Pictures will host an advanced screening of M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, “The Visit.” Reserved tickets are already sold out, and if you have a ticket you must get to Granoff between 6:30 and 6:45. At 6:45 p.m., the auditorium will be open to students who don’t have tickets, on a first come first served basis.

Event: LGTBQ Welcome Dinner
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Location:Petteruti Lounge

The LGTBQ Center and Queer Alliance welcome new LGBTQ students and allies to Brown by hosting a dinner that will introduce offered resources, programs, and groups.

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Senior Week schedule released


Class Coordinating Board 2015 has released the details on this year’s Senior Week. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, take a look at all the fun that awaits you in the oh-so-distant future. Seniors, feast your eyes on the schedule for the last week of your Brown careers, and contemplate your impending mortality:

Friday, May 15

Commencement Kickoff: Pick up your cap and gown and the bracelets you need for all future Senior Week events.

Movie Night: Toy Story 3 + beer garden + snacks = pure happiness.

Saturday, May 16

Unit Wars: Will “Best Unit” Champlin knock off freshman year champs Wayland? Only one way to find out.

Time Capsule Reception: I’m not sure which is more terrifying: that our 25th reunion is in 2040, or the prospect of how much weird stuff is going to be in this time capsule.

Last Chance Disorientation Dance: Turns out CCB likes to facilitate Senior Scramble moves. Per the site’s description of the dance:

Through an anonymous online matching system, submit up to 7 seniors with whom you have always wanted a “last chance.” Then, on the night of the dance, receive an email notification of any matches (if you put someone who has also put you).

Yay for Brown ’15 Tinder! Oh, and it’s neon-themed.

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What to do this week: December 1 – 7


Monday, December 1

Event: Die-In Protest
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: Main Green

In response to the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson, this Die-In “represents the Black lives that have been lost in this country due to police brutality.”

Event: The Verdict: Community Discussion on the events of Ferguson, Missouri
Time: 5:00p.m.
Location: 80 Brown St.

Alpha Phi Alpha is hosting a discussion to provide information about the events surrounding the murder of Mike Brown, the decision not to indict Wilson, and the climate of response in Ferguson.

Event: March Against Police Violence in Solidarity with Ferguson and Mexico
Time: 7:00p.m
Location: Burnside Park, Washington St. (AKA The People’s Park)

Today, students, workers, and human rights activists around the world will be holding a national day of struggle in solidarity with Ferguson and Mexico. The event is calling allies to gather in response to the killing of Michael Brown and the disappearance and murder of students of Ayotzinapa in Mexico.

Tuesday, December 2

Event: Day of Silence
Time: All day
Location: Brown campus ; Faunce

In memory of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and all others who have lost their lives, a Day of Silence will be conducted throughout campus. The silence will be broken with a group gathering on the Faunce steps at 8:30p.m.

Event: IMPULSE Dance Company sponsored blood drive
Time: 11a.m.-6p.m.
Location: Brown-RISD Hillel (80 Brown St.)

Impulse Dance Company urges you to donate blood this Tuesday – Thursday!

Event: “Hurt People Hurt People:” An open art space for Microaggressions at Brown
Time: 5:30-7p.m.
Location: Leung Gallery

Join the Participatory Action Research team in their culminating research project on race-, gender-, and sexuality-based microaggressions at Brown. All students, staff, faculty, and guests will be able to write down and share their own narratives of experiencing or witnessing microaggressions and attaching them to a 3-D frame of thread with ribbon.

Event: White House Internship Info Session
Time: 7-8p.m.
Location: Wilson 102

Join CareerLAB and previous White House interns for an information session about summer opportunities with the White House Internship Program. Applications are due January 11, 2015. Learn more here.

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SNL’s Stefon’s guide to Thanksgiving!

There are plenty of things to be thankful for this holiday season. We can be thankful for points, teachers canceling class, Blue Room muffins, study rooms in the Rock, BlogDailyHerald (shameless self-promotion), seasonal facial hair, peppermint mochas, holiday cheer, home cooked meals, hockey players, and most importantly…STEFON’S RETURN TO BLOGDH. SNL’s Stefon (or me pretending to be Stefon) is back to give you a heads up about all the hottest parties and gatherings that you must attend over Thanksgiving break. Don’t call it a comeback, because Stefon never went anywhere. Cue the music, plug in the disco ball, turn off the lights, and embrace Stefon as he (me) drops some serious holiday knowledge.

The hottest spot this Thanksgiving is…your grandma’s house. This spot has everything: passive-aggressive comments about your lack of significant other, a woman asking “what is Brown again?”, your weird uncle asking if you are gay yet (I AM NOT GAY UNCLE RICKY), that random person who always shows up with an already half-empty bottle of wine, the smell of moth balls, your great-grandfather’s war rifle named “old lucky,” and water-drowned food so everyone at the table can chew it. It is a great time, especially if you are looking for a place to butcher saying grace in front of your religious grandma who doesn’t remember that you still can’t do it right: “Bless us…uh…like…O Lord…and for like these uh your dope gifts and whatever, which we are like gonna receive from your…bosom, I mean bounty, hahaha lol. Through you, Jesus guy, our Lord, amen dude.”

The hottest spot this Thanksgiving is…your local underage bar. What better way of setting the tone for a holiday about giving thanks than puking in the back of bar. You, your friends, and your fake ID’s that all say you are 28 and are from North Dakota must head down to grab a drink like adults do! This bar has everything: a pervy bouncer who makes every girl kiss him on the cheek, a kid who looks like Charlie Sturr, a bartender who hates his life, bar mitzvah music, your mom texting you “where are you?,” those kids from your high school who you HATE so much but with whom you pretend to be best friends, that one girl who takes a selfie with everyone, and the smell of Bud Light and sadness. Do not miss out!


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What to do this week: April 21-25

what to do this week

Monday, April 21:

Event: Fashion Week Kick-Off Celebration
Time: 12:00-4:00 p.m.
Location: Main Green

Fashion@Brown is celebrating the beginning of Fashion Week with a big celebration on the Main Green tomorrow. Come get free food and drinks and pose in a giant sized photo booth.

Event: Clerestory Art Showcase
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: RISD Expose, 204 Westminster Street

In celebration of its 50th issue, Clerestory Journal of the Arts is hosting an art showcase featuring student artists, music, and free food and refreshments.

Event: BPF Presents: The State of the Parties
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Location: Salmon 203

In the first installment of this miniseries event, Brown Political Forum and Brown Common Sense Action invite you to evaluate the Republican and Democratic Parties. They will ask questions ranging from identifying the strengths and weaknesses of these parties to discussing their respective potentials to reform. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary, and free Nice Slice will be provided.

Tuesday, April 22:

Event: Earth Day Food Celebration
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Location: The Ratty

In celebration of Earth Day, come to the Ratty for a special meal of local, seasonal foods and to discuss food, waste, and energy issues with on-campus groups.

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What to do this week: April 15-18

what to do this week


Event: Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival
Time: Tuesday-Thursday
Location: Martinos Auditorium, Granoff

This year’s Cinema Ritrovato tour brings a number of screenings of Italian films to the Granoff center this Tuesday through Thursday. Among the films featured are Fellini’s classic La Dolce Vita (Tuesday at 6:45p.m.) and this year’s Oscar Best Foreign Film The Great Beauty, which I highly, highly recommend. Full schedule here.

Event: Ivy Film Festival
Time: Various, Monday-Sunday
Location: Mostly Granoff as well; various other sites including the Avon and List Art Center

The 2014 Ivy Film Festival is here, with events all week including screenings of Noah (tonight), Locke (Tuesday), The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wednesday),  Cutie and the Boxer (Thursday), and Neighbors (Saturday). Read our post about the festival here and view the full schedule here.

Wednesday, April 16:

Event: Governing Climate Change Conference
Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: Joukouwsky Forum, Watson Institute

The Watson Institute hosts an all-day conference exploring climate change from a Latin American perspective as Peru readies itself to host the 2014 UN Climate Negotiations. Former President of Chile Ricardo Lagos chairs the conference and will speak at 9:15a.m. along with former Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Other speakers include several more Chilean and Mexican officials, as well as a minister from Colombia. The conference will also be live-streamed here.

Event: GCB Challenge
Time: 4 p.m.-1 a.m.
Location: Grad Center Bar

Senior Class Board hosts the GCB Challenge, which appeared at number 12 on our Senior Spring Bucket List. The cover fee will be waived for non-members, and Class Board promises to “keep you fed for free throughout your stay.” Let’s be honest, seniors–what else are you going to be doing that’s really more important?

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