Check out the Hope Street farmers market!

Quick! Today may be your last chance of the semester to check out the outdoor Hope Street farmer’s market — a huge collection of local meat, seafood, produce and various other vendors such as Seven Stars Bakery. The market runs every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the grassy area between Rochambeau and Blackstone Boulevard, until it moves to its indoor location in Pawtucket for the cold winter months.

With or without parents here this weekend, the Hope Street market is a great place to visit and is easily accessible via the 42 RIPTA bus. It’s more than a larger version of the Wriston farmer’s market Wednesdays — the market is filled with Providence locals, cute children, and animals that remind us that people outside of the age of 18-23 exist (a phenomenon known as the “College Hill Bubble”).

In case you aren’t convinced that this market is our jam, we have a few thousand words to share…

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Farmers Market returns!… but in the Jewelry District

EcoRI News reports that the beloved Farmers Market — typically held on Wriston Quad and co-managed by Farm Fresh Rhode Island and Brown Dining Services  — will make its spring debut in the Jewelry District at Ship Street Square tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Farmers Market will take place every Tuesday at this location through May 1; while this is exciting news for the med school students that have been on rounds for 36 hours, we undergraduates must take the BrownMed/Downcity Express (stop #7, in case you were wondering) to buy our crisp apples and organic baked goods. Also making appearances at this week’s Farmers Market are a couple of our favorite Thayer Street visitors: Mama Kim’s and Mijo’s Tacos. Guess we’ll have to wait until the fall for the return of the beloved cow on Wriston

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Sans Meal Plan: Lions and Tigers and Bears—and Pie!


It’s that time of year again—the season when it’s socially acceptable to drink cider and chai and hot chocolate (!) at least once a day.  Scarfs and boots are once again the accessories of choice, and students prefer sitting inside at a coffee shop to reading lounging outside on the Main Green.  Now is as good a time as any to start taking advantage of the plentitude of winter vegetables available, well, everywhere.  Activities revolving around pumpkins and squashes are fun and cheap ways to decorate your home and cook for the masses.  Literally every part of the pumpkin has a different use and can be taken advantage of for optimal seasonal shenanigans.

Almost as soon as pumpkins started making their way into markets, my roommates and I started decorating.  Most likely, we wanted an excuse to roast pumpkin seeds because they’re so damn delicious, so if we had to spend an afternoon carving pumpkins to make the effort worthwhile, it was a necessary step we were willing to take.  Pumpkins are relatively cheap commodities this time of year, especially the tiny ones sold exclusively for decorating.  If getting to a grocery store is difficult for you, GET UP NOW AND GO to the final farmers market on Wriston Field and take advantage of its closeness while it lasts!  They have a number of gourds and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes for your painting and eating pleasure. Continue Reading

Sans Meal Plan: Garbage Cookie, Meet Garbage Soup

One of the beautiful things about soup, besides the warm fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach while eating it, is the fact that it can be made from literally anything.  Not into beef? Throw in some chicken.  Sworn off animal products? First of all, I’m sorry.  But more importantly, don’t sweat it!  You can create all kinds of soup-tastic creations without any dairy or meat.  I like to think of soup as the great amalgamation between almost-forgotten vegetables, things in your pantry you bought because you thought you’d use them eventually and every spice in your cabinet.

Knowing I had a full week ahead of me consisting of paper-writing, book-reading, and other college-y things that don’t involve being social in any way, I decided to celebrate the coming Autumn with a weird farmers market concoction to commemorate this year’s fall harvest.  That, or I just bought a bunch of shit that I didn’t know what do with so I decided to make one master bowl of soup-y goodness so as not to waste money.  Hey—if Meeting Street can make a cookie of doughy leftovers that rocks the socks off of life, I don’t see why my fall bounty soup couldn’t do the same thing.  And, if I could use this experiment as a way to go crazy and make up a catchphrase that would make Emeril proud every time I plopped something else random in my pot, I say onward, ho! Continue Reading

The Wriston Farmers’ Market returns!

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Now it’s Spring.

Reasons to be minorly (read: “majorly”) obsessed with autumn in PVD

For just one minute, imagine a world where your rainboots and umbrella are not part of the daily ensemble.  Picture a setting that is not reduced to waterlogged shades of grey, but instead explodes with fiery oranges, sultry reds, and, well, brown.  Cool. Now smile.  It’s autumn! Other than the fact that you have stopped sweating in your sleep, there are a few other reasons that you should be psyched for the harvest season, after the jump.

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