Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Dave Binder

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If you think Spring Weekend only encompasses what takes place on the main stage, then you’re probably a freshman in for the biggest treat of your Brunonian life. The Spring Week festivities reach their absolute height on Sunday afternoon: after hours of hanging out with friends on Wriston Quad, Dave Binder takes the stage to strum his guitar and sing his heart out for the remainder of the afternoon.

Dave Binder is a mystical creature who defies Brunonian understanding. He has been working his musical magic here since 1987 and has returned every year without fail. Year in and year out, rain or shine, Binder transforms a seemingly simple concert at a simple venue with simple music—classics like “Brown Eyed Girl,” “No Woman No Cry,” and “Piano Man,” among others—into an interactive and euphoric spectacle of rock-concert proportions.

BlogDH had the opportunity to get to know the legend himself. In our interview with the one-and-only, Binder impersonates James Bond and sheds light on his take on the Brown-Binder experience, how he got into music, and, most importantly, his spirit animal. Binder’s full of wisdom…after the jump. Continue Reading