BlogDH Goes Abroad: Sampling the… LanternBurger

2014-11-19 22.20.19

As anyone who’s taken ENGN 0090 – Management of Industrial and Nonprofit Organizations will remember, Marvel Comics faced a crucial business dilemma in the early 2000’s: was it better to focus on a few of their popular core superheroes, or attempt to create brand-new franchises from a number of their lesser known characters? With the benefit of hindsight and the massive popularity of spinoff franchises like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, we now know that Marvel took the latter of the two options. The once-struggling company has since been responsible for some of the biggest blockbusters of the past decade.

Why is this at all relevant to your life, you may be asking? For starters, it’ll help when you burst into section ten minutes late, having yet to read the case study or even open your ENGN 0090 textbook, only to raise your hand and comment brilliantly that you think Marvel should diversify its characters – and, while it may seem like a crazy idea, you have a feeling that Robert Downey Jr. might make a great Iron Man.

But, more importantly, it’s also relevant to the McDonald’s line of Justice League-themed promotional meals currently flooding the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Just as Marvel diversified, so has McDonald’s, following up their BatBurger and SuperBurger meals with a Green Lantern-themed “Potato ‘n Beef”‘ burger and The Flash-themed potato wedges. Clearly, neither of the two superheroes was good enough to warrant his own meal – McDonald’s has obviously learned from the disaster that was the Green Lantern movie. Sorry, DC. Better luck with Khal Drogo’s Aquaman.

The burger, dubbed the LanternBurger, is a standard cheeseburger with bacon, steak sauce, and the titular “potato” added. What, you may ask, is the “potato” aspect of the burger? Why, it’s a McDonald’s hashbrown!

Sounds nasty, right? Well, no. The LanternBurger isn’t horrible.

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ProJo: Carcieri, unions to avoid layoffs

The impending layoff of as many as 1,000 state workers may have been averted, the Providence Journal reports this morning on its Web site:

Governor Carcieri confirmed that the administration has reached a proposed agreement with the state employee unions that imposes pay cuts in place of layoffs or government shutdowns.

Under the agreement, state workers would take eight unpaid days in this fiscal year and four unpaid days in the next fiscal year and wait an additional six months for their next pay raise.

“There will be no layoffs, there’s no shutdowns, none of that. All anyone is agreeing is that they’re going to take a pay reduction,” the governor said, reiterating details outlined by union officials earlier Friday morning.

In Monday’s Herald, Joanna Wohlmuth wrote about the planned layoffs after a state supreme court justice’s stay of the governor’s  initial plan to order state “shutdown” days. Li’l Rhody, like many states, is facing some tough decisions and a big budget deficit. But hey, things can’t be that bad so long as KFC is  “doubling down” on our fair state, can they? (Fried chicken and bacon? Sign us up.)

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Herald after the weekend to read more about the state’s financial crisis.