‘Girl Meets World’ is going to be a thing?!

That’s right. Michael Jacobs, creator of the original ’90s show Boy Meets World, is reported to have signed a pilot deal for a spinoff called Girl Meets World on the Disney channel. It’s basically BuzzFeed’s wet dream. This should be a really, really, ASTOUNDINGLY bad idea. You’re not supposed to even possibly soil something this dear to so many people’s hearts. But it’s a remake of a TV show that went off the air some 12 years ago; but it’s Boy Meets World!! It somehow seems so totally doable and sensible.

According to various sources on the web, the show will not center around a burnt-out Eric and a terminally ill Mr. Feeny setting up a meth lab — wait, sorry, wrong show — but instead around THE CHILD OF CORY AND TOPANGA. Based on fairly extensive research, this girl may or may not be named Beverley Glen and may or may not have been born in 2006, but either way Disney has been going off the nostalgia deep end within the past week between Girl Meets World and its recent purchase of Lucasfilm. We’re definitely looking forward to what role the now 85-year-old William Daniels (otherwise known as George Feeny) will have on the show. Let’s hope this remake is more in the mold of Hawaii Five-O than, say, The Phantom Menace.

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