Amuse-Bouche: Zooma

People always say they’re going to dinner on Federal Hill. They forget that Federal Hill is a neighborhood, not a specific destination that can be plugged into a GPS or reviewed on Yelp. I can’t help but imagine starry-eyed Brown freshmen rolling onto Atwells Avenue for the first time with their befuddled parents and having no clue how to proceed amongst the mobsters, valet parkers, and couples on date night.

Here’s an idea to help us all make good of that next empty resolution to explore Federal Hill: Zooma. It satisfies the Italian requirement—because while Federal Hill is a synecdoche for Italian food, the neighborhood is rife with bakeries and Chinese restaurants—and is swanky enough to have in your back pocket as an option for Family Weekend or wooing potential romantic partners.

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Amuse-Bouche: Pastiche

It’s easy to get cozily complacent in the bubble that is College Hill, and for good reason — we have pretty much everything we need, from hip/creepy coffee shops to multiple Irish pubs to the GCB. But Blue Room muffins can only satisfy a sweet tooth for so long, and those cake pops at Starbucks are freaking weird. That’s where Pastiche comes in. Tucked away on a back street of Federal Hill, it’s a whole new world from our collegiate haven… Evidently, a world filled with fancy cake.

The chipper yellow awning and blue-trimmed storefront are reminiscent of cafés on the cobblestone streets of quaint European villages. A dining room that seats about 25 is flanked on one side by a working fireplace and mural of the Italian countryside, on the other by dessert crazytown. A big glass display case contains made-in-house cakes, which are sold whole or by the slice; trays and shelves and towers spill with more treats. Welcome to your dream. Continue Reading

ZOMG three day weekend: A guide to preventing boredom

Staying in Providence over long weekend?  Why not check a few things off of that good old Brown must-do list:

  1. The Ratty challenge. This Saturday’s menu features eggplant parm for lunch and “tortellini provencale” for dinner—both of which ought to make fine meals indeed.  Just make sure you bring others: solo all-day-Ratty-sits can get mighty boring.
  2. The RISD art museum. Oh yeah, by the way, that art school down the street houses a museum with some of the most famous impressionist paintings in the world.  If you haven’t gone down there yet, or if you’re just hankering for a dose of the finer side of college life (Wednesday night FishCo can’t satisfy that craving for everyone, after all), make sure you check it out this weekend.
  3. Federal Hill.  Federal Hill, a.k.a. “the heartbeat of Providence”, is home to some ridiculously awesome (and by that, we mean out-of-this-world-delicious) Italian restaurants.  And no, they’re not all absurdly expensive.  Stick to the basics and make sure you get something with red sauce.  Om-nom-nom.
  4. Host a potluck dinner. Okay, so we lied.  You could very easily graduate from Brown without ever hosting a potluck dinner and not feel empty inside.  But why would you ever want to go four years at college without ever going for a lil’ po’luck?   Invite others to cook their own dishes (and we know, dorm kitchens aren’t very well equipped, but that’s half the fun!) and bring them over for some old fashioned fine-(do-it-yourself)-dining.
  5. The SciLi challenge. 14 floors, 14 shots. Can you do it?*

*The BlogDailyHerald accepts no legal responsibility for any injury you may inflict on yourself or others as a result of attempting the SciLi challenge.  There’s a reason they call it a challenge (otherwise it would be…say, the SciLi walk in the park.  And where’s the fun in that?).