How to Feng Shui your way out of the mid-semester slump

A literal type of “deconstructionism”

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway” and not “fuhng shooey”–bet you didn’t know it was spelled like that!) is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. It philosophizes the way humans interact with their environments. It is, in other words, the art of moving shit around to create perfect harmony between you and your Bed Bath & Beyond desk lamp.

We’re almost done with midterm season—if you aren’t, may the force be with you—which only means that it’s the ideal time to procrastinate. If you’re feeling a metaphysical disturbance or a rupture in your aura and want to blame all your problems on a piece of furniture that seems a little “off,” Feng Shui is the way.

Are you riding the struggle bus on the long road of midterms? We’ve got the answers to all of your problems, and all it takes a little push n’ shove. Read more for specific Feng Shui remedies to heal the wounds caused by classic #BrownProblems:

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