Feud formalities: Finding the right place for a lovers’ quarrel

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Imagine working diligently on a City Politics paper in the Leung Gallery on a Wednesday afternoon. You’ve finally got your flow going, when all of the sudden your attention is drawn to the angry couple whispering at a table behind you.

“Why are you always so crazy? Just because I went to Whiskey with my team without you last night doesn’t mean I’m cheating on you.”
“You didn’t even make an effort to invite me!”
“It was a team thing. Cut me some slack.”
“Are you calling me overbearing?!”

At this point, the couple isn’t even trying to whisper. Hands are flying and emotions are spiraling out of control. Even the people who are wearing headphones on are staring.  Don’t let this be you!  It’s totally normal for couples to fight, but there is a time and a place for it.  If you’re struggling with the boundaries of appropriateness, or even looking for some inspiration as to where you might most effectively work out your disputes, read on:

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