BlogDailyHaikus, Vol. 1: Finals period begins

Because nothing screams “relaxation” like cherry blossoms and Helvetica, we’ve decided to share our finals period catharsis with you in Haiku form.

Must wake up early
Concrete jungle, stacks on stacks
We rinse and repeat

The creatures emerge
Converse with librarians
It is Pizza Nite

Starbucks or Blue State?
Or 7 a.m. Ratty?
There’s no way, Jose


Study break of the week: Yoga in the Rock!

Everyone knows college students, and Brown students in particular, love contradictory lifestyle choices. That’s why we gather wasteful amounts of food when we’re at the Ratty but the to-go section is “eco-to-go,” and why it’s not weird to hate on capitalism in your political science class and then take Principles of Economics to be “practical.”

So why not do yoga in the Rock during finals period? It may seem weird to stress detox in such a studious environment, but it’s also kind of awesome. Go study, then realize you didn’t do most readings, then worry about failing the class and potentially failing at life… and then go do some some yoga and tell yourself you don’t care about classes or grades anyway! The classes only last for 30 minutes and are taking place at the Rock every night this week at 9 p.m. Then, because you’ve been healthy and exercised, maybe you should go get some pizza. It makes sense…

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Study break of the day: Emergency compliments

Awww, thanks!

As we head into reading period, we’re making the transition from time-wasters to study breaks. Same objective (now more than ever, obviously), but more in quantity. Happy studying (and breaking)!

Have days of reading, writing, and studying completely worn you out? Have you fallen victim to the reading period blues? Have you been anxiously waiting at the edge of your seat for a friend/anonymous person to drop some lines about you on Brown University Compliments to help lift your spirits, but haven’t yet found your name of the page (keep checking, we promise it will be up soon!)? In the meantime, the compliments doctor is in—straight from the instant gratification department, here are some emergency compliments to reinvigorate and inspire you as you chip away at everything on your to-do list. As long as you keep telling the site that you “still feel crappy,” the compliments will keep rolling in; otherwise, the site will ask you if you want to buy a print of the compliment that made you feel better (…which also may not be the worst thing). Quick! Check it out now! It’s an emergency!