Best places to take a midday nap

Finals are upon us, which means long, sad nights studying (or crying) in the Rock or SciLi and resulting sleep deprivation. Though it’s unquestionable Brown needs a designated nap-room, here are some prime spots to catch a few Z’s in the midst of finals period.

A Blue Room booth

IMG_6175 copy

Though it’s debatably unacceptable to hog a coveted Blue Room booth all to yourself, one of them makes a great, albeit noisy, mid-day nap spot. It fulfills my general life rule to never stray too far from the nearest source of muffins.

Chairs in the SciLi basement

The kidney bean-shaped grey alien chairs in the Friedman Study Center seem designed perfectly for a low-key snooze. The soft suede and gentle curve of the seat gives your body a comforting embrace.

List Art Center couches

Though not as modern or soothing as the SciLi basement’s chairs, the couches on the low trafficked second floor of List provide a comfortable, quiet place to take a quick nap.

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Shit We Love: Neopets (final update!!)

We get it, you’re anxious. The world is supposed to end today and you haven’t received any end-of-finals closure on the affairs of our dear Slasla12. Let us fill you in.

1. Slasla12 has got her swagga back. Her intelligence is ‘bright’ (after all of these finals-on-finals-on-finals, we find that hard to believe), she’s feeling good, and she’s not even that hungry! We’re not really sure what’s on her head (we guess it’s not as weird as these hats), or what the deal is with that talisman-looking-thing around her wrist, but, all in all, things seem to be going pretty well in Neopia. We also have a petpet  named “Spooky.” Point of inquiry: what does one do with a pet’s pet? It almost seems like some form of Neopet inception…Neoception?

2. We learned that there are Neopian benefactors. And we thought we were finding too many ways to waste time. This is exactly as weird as it sounds: these people collect Neopoints to give them away. Philanthropy in Neopia? Seems a little off, but we’ll take it!

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