Homecoming 2012: Find your fan

Did you have fun tailgating in support of Brown State on Saturday? We may have lost the football game, but we definitely had more fun than our foes from Cambridge, and we have the photos to prove it. Like our Facebook page, click through the photos, and tag your friends in this album from Homecoming. Enjoy!

Commencement 2012: Find your friends

Wish you had that photo of you and your friends leaving the Van Wickle Gates and Brunonia? We’ve got you covered. Help us help you by tagging your friends in this album of photos from Commencement. Congrats, class of 2012!

Spring Weekend 2012: Find your friends!

This past weekend, BDH photographers roamed the grounds of Spring Weekend capturing your intoxication. You may have asked us to take your picture and thought you were never going to see it again. Oh, how wrong you were. Here are all of the photos of people we took over the course of the weekend. Tag your friends so that people can find themselves in the photos! Enjoy!