#whatshouldwecallme: Whiskey Republic edition


Since the beloved Fish Company (FishCo) closed its doors and The Whiskey Republic took its place, there seems to be confusion surrounding the latter’s nomenclature. Compared to FishCo, “The Whiskey Republic” seems like a mouthful—naturally, we want to give it a nickname. Should it resemble that of its predecessor (i.e. Wishco)? Should it kind of resemble the name of its predecessor (i.e. Whisco or Wisco)? Or should its new identity actually stem from its longer name (i.e. Whiskey or Whisko)? It seems freshmen and seniors alike can’t get their shit together when it comes to rallying their friends to head Southeast, and before they know it, The Whiskey Republic becomes a place of a million nicknames. Even BlogDH’s staff—composed of students from all grades and all walks of campus life—can’t agree on a name for the establishment down on South Water Street. The Herald seems convinced that its choice “WhisCo” is the right one, as evidenced in its recent feature on The Whiskey Republic. But on the whole, the jury still seems to be out.

Let’s end the debate once and for all; enter #whatshouldwecallme: Whiskey Republic edition. We hash out the pros and cons of each nickname after the jump. After reading what we have to say, let us know what you think and vote in our poll.

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Halloweek. Still truckin’.

After a night of snow/rain/slush pellets and wind of Dust Bowl proportions,  it’s snow wonder that we want to go out tonight and celebrate the return to October (just in time for November to come sweeping around the corner).  Whiskey Republic is celebrating Halloween tonight with drinks, dancing, costumes, and $4 cover.  You’d think they owe us after dropping the ball on Wednesday night.  Let’s celebrate Snowtoberfest with our very own Drunktoberfest!

Life after (FishCo) death: When fakes won’t work

Olives on North Main
An easy stroll down the hill
Viva la Meatball!

Oh, Colosseum
New hub of debauchery
18-plus is huuuuge.

This morning’s Herald featured an article comparing Olives and Colosseum, the two bars trying to fill the Wednesday night void following FishCo’s demise last semester. In light of FishCo’s underage patron woes, both profiles address the “strict identification-checking policy” at the new venues. Before attempting to use your “less than legitimate” form of identification, you might want to check out the “Do’s and Don’ts of Faux Identification” on BlogDailyWashingtonSquare (NYU Local). While some of the tips are New York specific, most of them hold true to Providence as well. Continue Reading

Tearing down of the “Mona” mural

The ProJo posted a video of a demolition crew tearing down the old I-195 bridge on Wickenden and, in turn, destroying the “Mona” mural that always kinda smiled at us on our way to FishCo (R.I.P.).

Blorgchiving: When FishCo sold fish!

From the March 8, 1985 Brown Daily Herald

Dearly departed,
when did stripper poles replace
all the choice seafood?

R.I.P. FishCo (actually)

Well, this sucks.  Despite conflicting reports as to whether or not FishCo would in fact be reopening in the new year, a new message on their website has confirmed our worst fears- FishCo is no more:

No FishCo, thank you.  As always, please leave your Fishkus in the comments.