The best advice I ever got (about Spring Week), Vol. 4

Don’t go to the foam party. Just don’t.

In college, you encounter lots of parties. Some of them involve getting dirty with paint or highlighters; most of them involve getting dirty (use your imagination). The Spring Weekend foam party is dirty in both senses of the word. While it might be fun to let your friends draw all over you in fluorescent yellow, grinding in a lukewarm bubble bath full of germs probably will not be — and even if you think it is, you won’t be having so much fun when you discover that you’ve contracted a mysterious illness the next morning. Which is Binder morning. Which is unacceptable.

The Spring Week gods caught on this year: they cancelled the Foam Party.
… and another Spring Week tradition bites the dust.

WSJ shoutout to Spring Weekend foam party

In an article appearing in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, a few Brown events were mentioned as creative, alcohol-free alternatives to the traditional binge-drinking infused college parties the media tends to report on:

At Brown University in Providence, R.I., an alcohol-free “foam party,” a dance with the floor flooded with bubbles, draws about 600 students during Spring Weekend, a series of student-run events to celebrate the near-ending of the school year, when drinking is higher than usual, says Erin Hannen, a junior at Brown.

Others, however, are up-front. At Brown University, an “Art Gallery Mocktail Party” at fall orientation for the past two years has drawn 20% of incoming freshman,” says organizer Halie Rando, a senior at Brown.

While this is possibly the first time the phrases “alcohol-free” and “Spring Weekend” have been mentioned in the same sentence, it is nice to see a News Corp subsidiary highlight something nice about our University as opposed to trashing our “pure debauchery”.