SPONSORED: Halloween Specials at Christina’s Psychic Readings


In case you missed our previous post, 224 Thayer is now home to Christina’s Psychic Readings, offering confidential consultations on your past, present, and future. Better yet, for this week only, there are Halloween specials on offer (because embracing Halloweek is a given on/near this campus).

From now through Thursday, a full-deck Tarot card reading is $25 (normally $40), and palm readings are down to $20 (normally $30). For Thursday only, readings are two for the full price of one, or one psychic reading for a discounted $40 (normally $60).

Walk-ins are always welcome, and you can enjoy a 20-percent discount with student ID. Why not find out if this Halloweek will be your most epic yet (or if you’ll actually make to the front of the line at the obligatory Halloween Whisko)? There’s certainly no better time to embrace psychic revelations than this, the spooookiest of holidays. You can reach Christina at (401) 481-5885.

SPONSORED: Christina’s Psychic Readings


Look out, College Hill! A new psychic is making her way to Thayer Street. Christina’s Psychic Readings is your new go-to place to learn about anything related to your past, present, future, career, school, and love life! All consultations are completely confidential and as a student, you get a 20% discount (cash and credit cards are both accepted).

So what’s on the horizon at Christina’s Psychic Readings? There will be new and exciting specials to look forward to every week. Prepare yourself for a spooky Halloween special during the last week of October! And if you’re looking for a fun “Girls Night Out”? Visit Christina’s Psychic Readings and two girls can come in for the full price of one consultation! Christina is also open for house calls and parties so if you’re looking for a memorable night with some friends, you’ve come to the right place. Gift certificates are also available to purchase for your friends.

Our crystal ball tells us that this is going to be a great new addition to Thayer! Find Christina at 224 Thayer Street. Walk-ins are welcome.