How to do Halloween in a hurricane

Hurricane Sandy (Cohen) will not prevent our Halloween festivities from taking place; it may just mix them a little wet. Every cloud (including huge, scary ones) has a silver lining. Use the rain to your advantage to come up with some aquatic Halloween costumes. Consider the following five ideas as you trek through the Frankenstorm:

1) A rubber duck is a completely waterproof costume. Stay dry by wearing yellow or orange rain boots and a yellow poncho. If you’re feeling really creative, you can make bubbles by attaching clear balloons to your costume so that you’re a floating rubber duck.

2) If you don’t want to feel awkward holding an umbrella, dress up as a childhood favorite: Mary Poppins. You can even stay warm with a big red coat. Continue Reading

Hurricane Sandy (Cohen): Despite state of emergency, classes are still on for tomorrow

Amid some speculation and the announced closings of many public school systems in the Northeast, Brown has officially decided to hold classes as scheduled tomorrow. Governor Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 may have declared a state of emergency for the state of Rhode Island in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy (Cohen)—the “Frankenstorm“—but you should keep studying for whatever midterms you have for tomorrow.

But who knows: maybe sleeping with spoons under our pillows and our pajamas inside out will be just enough to turn the tide (hurricane puns!) to make tomorrow a Hurricane Day. The responsible college student in us should probably consider making a quick run to Campus Market, Tedeschi (too soon!) or Eastside Marketplace to stock up on some non-perishable foodstuffs.

Halloween might get a bit wet…again

Last year it was a blizzard, and this year, Halloween is sending a hurricane at us. I shit you not. Hurricane Sandy, which just passed through Cuba, is a Category 2 “Frankenstorm” that is 90% likely to make landfall in the Northeast next week. I really thought there was no way to top last year’s ice/slush disaster, but this 2012 version of 1991’s The Perfect Storm — the George Clooney/Mark Wahlberg costume potential is so high right now — probably will do just that. Something tells me sexy referee costumes won’t do much in the way of protecting yourself from the elements (at least binders full of women seems weatherproof!). Better buy a Cleverhood.

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