Feeling French?

If you’re a French student, or just a film aficionado, you’ve probably heard of the Providence French Film Festival, which has been going on this week and ends this weekend. The Festival closes tomorrow with a round table discussion entitled “Vichy France in the Lens of the Camera”, and a schedule dripping with amazing French films.  It’s located at the Cable Car Cinema on South Main Street (near RISD): go down the Hill to see some quality films and to hear French people speaking incredibly quickly next to you.

If you want a little more information about some of the films that have played this week at the Festival, we’ve compiled a short list of our personal favorites with short synopses. The trailers and plots of all the films are on the Festival website, in case we didn’t include one you’ve been eyeing. (Note: If you’ve missed a film you were really looking forward to, most of the films at the festival are available on Netflix.) Continue Reading