Free pizza tonight at the SciLi!

Free pizza, anyone?

You know the drill: Pizza Nite repeats itself tonight at 9 p.m. in the SciLi FriSC.

Photos from last night at the Rock: Continue Reading

Pizza Nite is TONIGHT and tomorrow!

Pizza Nite

It’s that time of year again. The impending doom of finals also means that Pizza Nite is upon us once more. In this semesterly tradition, the library staff brings out boxes and boxes and boxes of pizza… and did I mention more boxes? (And cookies and brownies — and some apples to be healthy.)

Let them eat pizza. Rock tonight (Tuesday), SciLi tomorrow (Wednesday), both at 9 p.m.

That was good. Especially because it was free.

Pizza Nite: One down, one to go!

Get it before it's gone!

Get it before it's gone!

Last night, masses of hungry students at the SciLi were fed at Pizza Nite, courtesy Campus Life and the University Library.

Tonight, the awesomeness repeats itself at the Rock at 9 pm. I was chatting with one of the librarians, and he mentioned that they order 90 pizzas for the SciLi’s Pizza Nite and 80 pizzas for the Rock’s. Last night, the pizza was almost all gone in a little over five minutes.

While everyone was waiting for the pizza, they were greeted with a surprise: a cappella caroling. Check out photos from last night after the jump. Continue Reading

Pizza Nite: SciLi TONIGHT, Rock Tomorrow

What college student ever turns down free pizza?

What college student ever turns down free pizza?

Tonight at the SciLi and tomorrow at the Rock, the epic semesterly tradition know as “Pizza Nite” will take place at 9pm, according to Morning Mail. If you’ve never been, get ready.

Pizza Nite is probably one of the best free food events of the semester. First, there’s the anticipation. The crowds are waiting, growing larger and increasingly impatient. The pizza never arrives on time. Then, suddenly, the big moment arrives — library workers emerge with stacks of pizza boxes. The crowd goes nuts for the pizza, and you wonder if there will be any left when you get to the front of the line. Just then, 20 more boxes of pizza arrive, putting your fears to rest. As the pizza continues to disappear, another dozen boxes come along, then another dozen. In the end, something like a hundred pizzas are consumed in the span of a few minutes. (Then they bring out some cookies and fruit.) Continue Reading

In case you don’t know how to swipe….

If only they had this on RIPTA buses….

The same ten questions we always ask: Head of Friedman Study Center Steven Lavallee

Name: Steven Lavallee

Age: 54

Occupation: Head, Friedman Study Center

What’s your job description, in one sentence? I partner and coordinate with an array of people, groups and university offices to ensure that both the Friedman Study Center and the Sciences Library’s services are continuously renewing and adapting to serve the ever-evolving needs of our busy, hard-working clientele.

After the jump, Lavallee reveals his culinary preferences. Hint: Kabob & Curry. Continue Reading