Frosh-cessities: A guide to summer opportunities

“So… what are you doing this summer?” — maybe the worst question since that dreaded “Where are you heading next year?” you might have gotten from relatives, your dentist, or strangers your senior year of high school.

Have no idea where to start your search? Have no idea people did things over the summer? Blog has you covered with an overview of some different options, especially for you precocious but overwhelmed first-years.

Taking Classes

Some students stay at Brown to take classes over the summer. It’s a great opportunity to take a class you might not have time for in your normal schedule during the year, or to get a concentration requirement out of the way. Despite the shorter term, each class counts as a full course credit because they meet more frequently. You can take up to two courses a summer, and up to four summer classes can count towards your degree. Classes are paid à la carteHere’s the current course catalogue for Summer 2016. Pre registration for summer courses runs from April 1 – 21.

You can also take classes at another university and petition for transfer credit. This needs to be arranged through the Dean of the College, because Brown’s course hours might not match up with the other school. If you’d like to get credit counted towards your concentration, you should double check with the department, because often departments are strict on what courses can fulfill a Brown equivalent.

RISD classes are also offered during the summer. Note that while RISD classes are included in Brown tuition for the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms, Summer classes are not included. More information hereUp to four RISD classes can count towards your Brown degree.

If you’re sticking around Brown for the summer, whether for classes, research, an internship, or something else, you can pay for Brown summer housing, or get a sublet in the neighborhood (there are always many options available, as juniors and seniors who live off campus desperately want to find subletters). You can also apply to be a Summer@Brown residential assistant (for high school students) and live in dorms over the summer for free. Many students enjoy spending the summer in Providence, for the free concerts and events, the warm weather, or for the change in pace and community from during the year.

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Frosh-cessities: Reading Period Essentials


You did it! You’ve managed to summon enough will power to return to Brown after Thanksgiving! But, then you immediately got hit by a truck, but not just any truck, the “Finals are next week, even though I just took a ‘midterm’ yesterday, and I have no idea what ‘hegemony’ or the ten(?) principles of economics really are” truck. Fear not, though, because Blog has your freshmen backs with several necessities to help you survive your reading period.

1. Towels


A dry towel will soon be a rare occurrence.

Remember when you participated in the pack and go program at Bed, Bath & Beyond and realized that towels don’t just materialize in bathrooms (thanks parents for hiding this harsh truth from me for so long) and you had to actually buy some? Those towels come super handy during reading period for soaking up huge amounts of tears, especially ones that are caused by chemistry, neuroscience, or math. More importantly, however, is the fact that they are dual purpose. Roll one up under your door to prevent bothering people with your screaming or to deaden the noise of your soul shattering.

2. Chocolate or flowers


Keep these treats around to win back your friends, roommates, and significant others at the end of reading period. Use them to apologize for your terrible behavior while studying, including but not limited to yelling at them out of stress, anger, hunger, or even hanger, throwing textbooks at them out of frustration, re-reading your essay out loud over and over until the wee hours of the morning, and papering every surface of your room with notes.

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Blogify (Orientation Edition): Your first pre-game at Brown

michelle obama turnip

As part of BlogDH’s continuing Orientation coverage, this week’s Blogify goes out to the Class of 2019, many of whom will be experiencing their first college pre-games and parties this weekend. For the novice pre-game host, this playlist has everything you need: more low-key turn-up tunes to start, increasingly energetic dance songs to pump up your guests, bombastic jams to give your pre-game that extra kick right before the main event, and some old-school classics for the few die-hard dancers that won’t leave decide to stick around a bit longer than the rest.

With that, BlogDH wishes the Class of 2019 a happy Orientation–and an even happier first weekend on College Hill! (And, as always, please make good choices!!!)

BlogDailyHerald does not condone illegal drinking; this article is written under the assumption that its readers will behave in accordance with the law.

Frosh-cessities: How to prepare for family weekend

It is easy to lie to your family over the phone: “Oh yeah mom everything is going well, can I call you back in a minute? I’m just finishing up some homework,” you say, as you and your roommate and try frantically to put out a fire that you started when you tried to light each other’s farts. Or to make it seem like you have things under control over text.”Hey dad, I spent all my money on books. Can you send me some more?” you send, as your drug dealer holds you at gun-point in the Blue Room sandwich line. You’ve been living on the edge, taking no prisoners, and are definitely still overwhelmed and confused. That’s normal (right???), and having your parents around for a weekend may seem daunting, but there are some easy tips to staying ahead of your shifty, nosey, and overbearing parentals. The last thing you want is another lecture; you’re in college now and are way too cool/don’t have time for that.

Step 1: Be ready for an interrogation 

Here are two different hypothetical conversations, one not prepared, and one prepared, between my mom and me. Learn from me to avoid mistakes and your mom’s wrath.

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“Where will I poop?”: A Keeney exclusive

As everyone (especially embittered sophomores-seniors) knows, over the past two years, Keeney has undergone massive renovations, turning the shittiest shithole into a better slightly worse Hotel Andrews. While some may think the only differences between old Keeney and new Keeney are that it doesn’t constantly reek of weed and there aren’t cockroaches on the floor, there are a few key innovations. First, there are some questionable color scheme choices (lime green themed Everett/Poland?) and second, there are dorm-wide gender-neutral bathrooms.



Non-gendered bathrooms had many skeptical parents raising their eyebrows on move-in day and left some kids slightly uneasy. Indeed, that poor little freshman boy trying to reinvent himself as a ladykiller has to take a shit in front of that cute girl who lives next to him on the first night.

Units reacted in a variety of ways–some embraced being in the liberal bastion of the world and decided to go with the flow. Other units created makeshift gender signs for the bathrooms. But, over the past month, most Keeneyites had become comfortable doing their business in front of anyone.

Fast forward: ResLife announces that there is “no change in policy regarding restrooms in Keeney,” which actually means they fucked up and put up gender-neutral signs instead of gendered signs even though that makes no sense which means that gendered bathrooms will be reinstated soon.

We set out to capture the campus buzz surrounding gender neutral bathrooms by asking Keeneyites this simple question: “What do you think about ResLife implementing gendered bathrooms in Keeney?” (Due to privacy concerns, every interviewee is anonymous.)

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Useless Rankings: Brown ranked thirteenth on list of “happiest freshmen”


The U.S. Department of Education recently released a list of the top 25 freshmen retention rates of private colleges and universities. The difference between consecutive rankings here comes down to a fraction of a percent—Brown has an average retention rate of 97.5 percent, coming in at an unlucky a respectable thirteenth place. According to a Yahoo! news report, this officially renders Brown the school with the thirteenth happiest freshmen. The equivalency being presumed between retention and happiness can be easily deconstructed and dismissed, but it’s easier just to point out how irrelevant Yahoo! is.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones that mark these statistics as a measure of our  happiness—HuffPo and CBS News, among others, do the same. We always find it disconcerting when studies attempt to calculate the amount of happiness someone has (or a group people have), but in this case it is particularly discomforting as Princeton is ranked happiest. Sorry, but if this letter situation is happening at your school, you can’t win the happy-go-lucky award. Also, Princeton sorta just sounds sad. (Whoever said orange was the new black was seriously disturbed.)

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