Shit We Love: Tuesdays

Five reasons Tuesdays are excellent, in order of increasing obscurity.

1.  Two-for-1 Tuesdays. We’ll also take this opportunity to point out that *liking* Geoff’s Facebook page gets you a 2-for-1 coupon you can use any day of the week. Tunaberry erry day!

2. Quesadillas at Jo’s.  Though Monday burritos might leave us conflicted…

3. $7 Movies at Providence Place Mall. This is a real deal when it comes to 3D movies, which also cost only $7 on Tuesdays (as opposed to a gazillion dollars normally). We had a great time at Beauty and the Beast, just saying.

4. Dollar Burger Night at Bar Louie, downtown. Crazy cheap.

5. Star GazingLadd Observatory is open to the public on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, if the weather permits. But in cloudy Providence, it somehow never does, which can make this Tuesday event very obscured indeed.

A Thousand Words: DJ Pauly D eating @ Geoff’s


Even Providence native Pauly D comes out for “Two for Tuesday” at Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches.