Lessons in the ‘Girls’ Lexicon: “Forbid”


Forbid (v.): To command someone or oneself against the doing of something—like acting on a stupid impulse, crying into one’s beer, or drunkenly contacting an ex boyfriend/girlfriend.

How it’s used in the show: Charlie, Marnie’s incredibly good-looking ex-boyfriend, became instantly successful off a smartphone app he created and sold called “Forbid.” In his own words: “[Forbid] prevents you from calling people that you shouldn’t call – be it an unrequited love, or someone that fired you. But if you wanna call them, then you have to pay $10 to unforbid… so this app is free but breaking your word to yourself isn’t… People are really responding to software that protects them from themselves… or other people.”

Do you have an ex? A not-so-secret crush or obsession? A penchant for drunk texting and/or dialing your employer? Then, like us, you probably wish “Forbid” existed in the real world. There’s nothing worse than waking up after a big night out with your ex’s name in “recent calls.” Worse (or better?), “drunk you” protects “sober you” from embarrassment and regret by deleting all texts and calls before sobriety hits. You have no solid evidence to beat yourself up about the next day, but you’ll also spend a good chunk of time wondering what the hell you said. We’ve all tried the “delete his/her number” technique, but let’s be real, that lasts for three days tops. Willpower alone just ain’t gonna cut it once the alcohol hits your bloodstream.

While we sadly don’t have access to “Forbid,” we’ve done some research to find some cool apps that actually exist in its place: Continue Reading

Don’t forget to love your mom


This weekend I forgot my mom’s birthday. It’s often the curse of the younger child to discover a harsh reality like this and text your sibling “Fuck, was it mommy’s birthday yesterday?!?” only to get a response like, “You didn’t call her/send her flowers/write a sonnet about her lovely ways?” (To clarify, my sister didn’t actually write a sonnet but she is an English major and a really good daughter.)

It’s so easy to go to college and totally forget that your parents exist, or to get easily irritated when you do see them. It’s frustrating when they don’t remember your friends’ names or when they speak really loudly into the phone. It’s frustrating if they don’t know anything about your life and it’s also frustrating when they mention an irrelevant detail. It’s MOST frustrating when you realize they usually are being really nice to you, and that you are just taking out your school-related angst on them. Yes, I am totally thinking of Hannah calling her parents at the end of the most recent episode of HBO’s Girls – I think a block quote is totally justified in this case:

Sometimes I feel like we have nothing in common, we don’t know each other at all, we weren’t even really put on the same earth by the same god. But at the same time I feel like there’s a hammock under the earth that’s protecting me. It really means a lot and that’s because of you and I’m grateful. I love you mom, I really, really love you.

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New Semester’s Resolutions: Pros and cons


Each new term brings with it a world of possibility, which is only heightened by the start of a new year. Plus, 2013 has proved to be shockingly awesome already, only furthering my delusions of grandeur. I mean, Destiny’s Child got back together, so that’s a dream come true; JT is releasing new music, meaning he maybe realized acting is um, not as much his thing; a TEMPLE RUN 2 CAME OUT; Kim and Kanye got pregnant to entertain us; and there are new salad containers at Jos which may look smaller but they’re not—they actually allow for much better dressing distribution (!). It seems that the world is becoming more and more perfect.

Thus, we have no choice but to make new semester’s resolutions. Luna Lovebad is about to share with you hers, and I’ll explain why I am incapable of keeping any.

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Lessons in the ‘Girls’ Lexicon: “Republican”

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 4.47.48 AM

This author has chosen to remain anonymous. This individual does not want you to accuse him/her of not reading your work because he/she is too busy reading Republican Quarterly.”

Republican (n.): A gun-loving, rights-hating individual who is ultimately undateable.

How it’s used in the show: Hannah dates a Republican named Sandy, and later breaks up with him because their “political beliefs are just a little too different.”

We assume (correctly) that the main characters on Girls are left-leaning individuals. Maybe it’s because they live in Brooklyn and graduated from Oberlin (well, most of them did). Most likely, however, it’s because we’ve come to believe that millennials, by default, all adhere to a certain set of liberal beliefs.

As college students at Brown, we tend to take these beliefs for granted. It’s not that we don’t appreciate them— but they’ve become commonplace, and are therefore accepted as the norm. The same goes for the characters on Girls: the ease with which they talk about sex and sexuality reflects their left-leaning political preferences, and whom they vote for. This openness is why many find the show appealing. However, up until this episode, there has been no contesting force that challenges the characters’ values, nor any person or idea that deviates from their widely accepted political norms. Once it’s discovered that a Republican (gasp) lives among the show’s liberal cast members, they are forced to articulate their stances on certain issues and underscore just how different they are from their right-leaning antithesis. Continue Reading

Lessons in the ‘Girls’ Lexicon: “Main hang”

Main hangWe love HBO’s Girls, and we know you do too. Instead of doing a traditional recap of each episode every week, we will be taking a term that is used in each episode, and applying it to Brown’s own unique culture.

Main hang (n.): A person who inhabits the role of a significant other without taking on the responsibilities and legitimate (read: daunting) title of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”

How it’s used in the show: Hannah attempts to discuss her relationship with Adam, reminding him that they’re not together anymore, to which Adam replies: “I don’t really care about labels. You’re here all the time. You’re my main hang.”

To use the term “main hang” is to acknowledge that there is some sort of relationship present without the weightiness and definite-ness that comes with using the term boyfriend/girlfriend. However, main hang is still, in a sense, a label, despite the fact that Adam doesn’t “care about” them. So what makes it any less daunting than it’s traditional predecessor? Maybe we college kids are scared off by what the titles of boyfriend and girlfriend have come to mean. We’re shown that in most cases, without a breakup (which seems to almost always suck), boyfriends and girlfriends move on to become fiancees, and eventually spouses. In our collegiate bubble that places a premium on individuality and independence, it’s normal for us to feel trapped by the seemingly inevitable chain of events that comes with boyfriend/girlfriend labels, regardless of how much you currently like being with your significant other. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend also means having to deal with a potential breakup. There are the awkward condolences from friends (and even acquaintances!), and the uncertainty of how long is appropriate for mourning and rebounding moving on.   Continue Reading

Free food digest: September 27, 2012

Eat free or dine trying.

Urban Studies Concentration – Open House
4–5 p.m.
Manning Street 029

Those of you who love cities should go to learn about the Urban Studies Concentration. Doughnuts and cider will be served. If you’re looking exclusively for edgy clothing, you’re at the wrong “Urban” (try Urban Outfitters).

AXO Fall Festival: Celebrate the beginning of fall with sisters!
7–8 p.m.
AXO Lounge, Sears House

Pause. We have something to contribute here. Bring in fall with Alpha Chi Omegas sisters by carving pumpkins and sipping on hot chocolate! Described as being “[f]or the ladies,” this event is gonna rock…but who are “the ladies?” Obvi we’re the ladies!

Africana Studies DUG Meet and Greet
7–9 p.m.
Churchill House

Learn about the Africana Studies department, meet members of the DUG, and enjoy pizza, beverages, and stimulating conversation. All good things.