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Students who do cool things: Haley Scott ’15


If you’re interested in social action and community involvement, a GOOD opportunity has just emerged on the Brown campus. GOOD, initially founded as a publication highlighting individuals engaged in projects that in someway better the world around them, is an online forum for people to post ideas, find causes to pursue, promote ventures and connect with others. The content of the website is both diverse and varied in its content. It covers issues including food, politics, the environment, culture, lifestyle, urban planning, and technology. The website currently receives about two million unique views per month and is actively updated to reflect trends and pressing issues. GOOD currently has offices in both New York and Los Angeles.

Haley Scott ’15, a recent transfer from UNC, became involved with the organization in its early stages and is now the Brown Campus Ambassador for GOOD. Scott has contributed a number of posts for the website and is incredibly excited about the prospect of the organization gaining significant traction at Brown. Scott currently has around 50 followers and has written posts that truly cover the entirety of the spectrum — from Philanthropic Action to Eco-Friendly Engineering to eating vegan. As one of 30 campus ambassadors, Scott believes that the college campus presents the perfect market for an organization of this nature and will allow the facilitation of the sharing of ideas. Scott is currently working with the Swearer Center to coordinate and organize efforts amongst service groups on campus and promote GOOD as a means by which to share and communicate. Continue Reading